​​Pier & Beam Repair


Across Stillwater, OK and areas surrounding Oklahoma City there are still thousands of properties the depend on a pier and beam foundation for their needs. Though this is such a prevalent style of foundation installation, the limited selection you have available to you when it comes to obtaining proper repairs can be a hassle. Fortunately, Stillwater Foundation Repair provides you with a full range of solutions for this type of foundation and deliver the same level of care and quality as we do with any concrete slab foundation in the area.

Preventative Maintenance for Pier and Beam Foundations

One of the most effective ways of staying in front of any major repair concerning your foundation is ensuring that you have the right foundation experts providing you with a dependable preventative maintenance service. When putting your trust in the expertise of Stillwater Foundation Repair, you can count on a full range of service solutions being made available to you at all times and the capability to deal with any minor issues that make themselves apparent within the foundation inspection. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have a reliable foundation in place and bringing you the means to stay ahead of repairs is one way in which we do so.

House Raising Services

One of the most inherent issues that comes with having a pier and beam foundation, is the capability for the block and base to eventually suffer from settlement. This can throw off the level of your property, and potentially require house leveling services. Raises in the local water table can also provide issues as your home needs to be raised in order to avoid this elemental interruption. No matter the reason behind your house raising service needs, you can be sure that Stillwater Foundation Repair is ready and waiting to provide you with a solution.

Pier and Beam Repair

Having the access you need to quality pier and beam repair is important for any property owner who depends on this particular style of foundation installation. Bringing in local foundation experts to provide you with settlement repair, foundation crack services or any other issue that may arise throughout your term of ownership, will ensure that you have the highest quality results brought to your property. For the best foundation repair and basement repair methods in the city, your top choice will always be Stillwater Foundation Repair.

Foundation Settlement Repair Cost

Knowing the cost of any upcoming service is important in your decision-making process and though we would prefer to be able to bring you reliable numbers online, it’s only through a full foundation inspection that we can provide the solid figures you need. Fortunately, you can depend on Stillwater Foundation Repair to provide you with a free inspection estimate and to deliver the information you need well before you make any decisions. We stand behind every service that we bring to the city and in order to demonstrate this always put our money where our mouths are in order to instill confidence in our foundation experts.


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